Everything 100% fresh and pure

Extract, under the trademark Lisimo®, offers you a wide assortment of fresh Pestos, Tapenades, sauces and butters. We look for the very best ingredients from local providers and abroad so we don’t have to use any additives. To keep the taste pure, we also produce our products only with natural ingredients.


Since we don’t use any additives, we feel it is important to prepare our products following high quality standards. We chose to structure the production process according to the BRC (British Retail Consortium) standard.

Did you know that Lisimo first started with a market stall?

It was at the market in Nijmegen where in 1992 we first sold our fresh kitchen herbs! Soon the hotel and catering industry discovered the pure and natural taste. This event was the start of our activities as a wholesaler specialized in fresh herbs. At first in Nijmegen and it’s  surroundings, later throughout the whole country: from sandwich shop to star restaurant.

Specialized in Pestos and Tapenades

In the kitchen a limited shelf life of fresh herbs isn’t always convenient. That’s why we started in 1996 with processing fresh kitchen herbs in oil. This way the shelf life was extended. With the rising demand we gave our full attention to our Pestos and Tapenades under the registered trademark Lisimo®. And with great success! Due to their freshness and constant quality, the Lisimo® products proved to be a great alternative for homemade Pestos and Tapenades, again from sandwich shop to star restaurant.

Flexible and service oriented

We are a small and flexible organisation with a service oriented approach. Apart from our standard assortment for wholesalers for the hotel and catering industry, we also deliver to different businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium ready-made products based on our fresh ingredients. We listen to our clients and adapt to their needs.

Where available?

The products of Extract B.V., under the trademark of Lisimo ®, are available at different wholesalers. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our organisation or products. Lisimo is a brand of  BRC-Food certified manufacturer Extract B.V.   


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